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My feelings following my hair transplant of 1800 grafts:

1/Concerning all the intervening parties: I was superbly well surrounded and reassured by the technical director, the nurses who participated in my transplant and the Doctor who supervised the whole procedure. I found people of quality and above all very professional (in my opinion essential for a transplant).
2/Concerning the clinic: the reception is at the top as well as an irreproachable hygiene. The only downside is that I was not able to benefit from the room provided for the implants that day. The operation finally took place in the surgical block.
3/The return home: The slight edema (forehead + eyes) remained for 3 days despite the treatments. My week off was therefore mandatory for me. The thermal water + biseptin were very good advice and they improved the after-effects of the operation.
In conclusion, I am completely satisfied to have chosen CHT. I hope that the result in 12 months will be of the same quality, it will be perfect for me.
Yours sincerely,

Alain C.

After a first inconclusive manual FUE experiment, I finally opted for an ARTAS robotic graft.
The support of the CHT team allowed me to moderate my apprehension. On D-day, on an empty stomach, the preparation, including the haircut, took 1 hour. After the local anaesthesia, a little unpleasant, no more sensation.

The 1,842 grafts were harvested in only 1 hour and 40 minutes.
After a lunch break, the painless re-implantation phase lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes.

I am overjoyed and would like to thank the entire nursing team for their professionalism and sympathy.

Julien C.

I was apprehensive about this operation but the team immediately explained everything to me in detail and really put me at ease. Collecting the bulbs with the Robot was comfortable and painless. The same after the operation, the healing process did not cause me any inconvenience.

I really recommend the clinic of hair transplant for their professionalism and support.


Thank you for your care. The intervention was very professional and the team was always listening and reassuring.

Nicolas L. R.

I benefited from a robotic hair transplant (2700 grafts)

The operation went perfectly with a professional reception and a perfect organization (personalized and immediate reception, very good breakfast and meal, medical team at your disposal) The operation lasted a total of 5 hours (3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon) and I did not feel any pain, except during the local anaesthesia but it lasts only 3 to 5 minutes.
I left in the middle of the afternoon with all the necessary instructions.

The puncture site healed in 4 days and I hardly had any scabs.
I was able to return to work very quickly. I am one month away from the transplant so no regrowth yet but I can already see a great improvement even though I know that the new hair will only grow back from the 6th month. I cannot wait to see the final result…

I recommend CHT for their professionalism 

P. Levi

Sir, I would like to thank you for the welcome and especially for the speech, which was in line with what I had explained in the meeting, knowing that I was nevertheless concerned with all the opinions on the forums where one cannot know what is right.
I left at the end of the day without any pain, continuing my day normally. It has now been 30 days since the procedure took place. I am very happy and I cannot wait to see the result.

Mathieu C.

Deciding to have a hair transplant was not an easy thing to do. My surgeon was able to reassure me and answer all my questions.
When I look back, I still wonder why I waited so long to take the plunge. I feel so much better now.


Following my hair transplant of 2000-2200 grafts, I am very satisfied both with the result and the professionalism of the various people involved. Today, after a much-needed visit to the hairdresser, my scalp is slightly sensitive on the donor area and presents very discreet redness on the grafted area.

A successful experience for my part, I am looking forward to regrowth!

Yves K.

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