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An innovation in manual FUE

The FUE ASSISTED is a very recent innovation, at the cutting edge of manual FUE technology. It retains all the precision of traditional manual FUE techniques, but compared to them, it allows the surgeon to work faster and more accurately. The procedure is less tiring for the practitioner, he remains perfectly concentrated throughout the procedure.

The patient is immobilized for a shorter period of time.

Presentation of the FUE ASSISTED

Beyond manual techniques

An oscillating movement

This system uses an acceleration and deceleration pedal that gives flexibility to the punch action: it allows the speed of the punch motor to be modulated for greater precision. In addition, unlike the rotary motion of the punch blade, the FUE ASSISTED has an oscillating motion.

This characteristic contributes to the quality of the graft extraction in that the risk of trauma to the follicle is less important than in the case of a classic rotary punch. The punch makes its way around the follicle rather than cutting into the scalp.

A splayed, "trumpet-shaped" punch

Finally, the FUE ASSISTED has a totally new shape, in fact its end is in “trumpet”: the cutting part of this punch is on its periphery. Thus, only the outer edge of the punch cuts, while its inner edge is funnel-shaped.
Thanks to this original shape, the tool combines the advantages of both cutting and non-cutting punches: it requires a small amount of pressure to penetrate the epidermis and once inside the scalp, it is not at all “aggressive” towards the follicle, it has more of a dissecting role than a cutting role. The FUE ASSISTED can go deep into the follicle without the risk of damaging it, so the transection rate is extremely low.

A precise manual hair transplant tool

Unmatched performance

These features make the FUE ASSISTED the most accurate, efficient and safe manual hair transplant tool available.

Punch basic vs. FUE ASSISTED

Healthy grafts, optimized regrowth

The grafts harvested with this technology are very healthy, whole and perfectly preserved. Re-implanted via an injector, they will ensure a particularly successful hair transplant. In addition to the gain in comfort for the patient due to the greater speed of the operation, the final result is better: regrowth is optimized.

This invention has been tested by many big names in the profession and they are very enthusiastic: a new qualitative step has indeed been taken in the field of manual FUE.

Presentation of the FUE ASSISTED

In video

Presentation of the FUE ASSISTED:

an innovation in manual FUE


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