Beard grafting

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Beard transplant by La C.H.T

Beard transplantation is usually performed on men with sporadic or irregular areas. In most cases, it is a purely aesthetic procedure but in some cases, it can also hide acne scars or at least help to minimize the importance of these marks or highlight certain facial features.

Today, more and more men are wearing beards and moustaches, especially young men. But very often the natural density of the beard does not allow for a regular and sufficiently full beard.

Beard transplantation

Beard transplantation by C.R.C. usually takes 2 to 4 hours. Follicles are harvested from the donor site at the back of the head. Once harvested, the grafts are then injected into the areas previously defined between the patient and the practitioner.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

The benefits of beard transplantation:

  • Permanent solution

  • Natural growth in a few months
  • orrection and improvement of the patient’s appearance

The after-effects of the operation

They are a little equivalent to the hair transplant file with some specificities all the same:

  • No dressing will be applied to the implanted area (only biological glue) so that the grafts can adhere as quickly as possible.
  • A dressing and bandage will only be placed on the area of the sample.

  • A shower as well as the cleaning of the implanted zone and the sampling zone will be done the next day, according to our explanations.

  • The implanted grafts will make their small crust which will have to be softened by moistening it or by applying a moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid and which will be eliminated in about ten days.

  • Sometimes a redness at the level of the location of the grafts has been observed (it depends on your skin type); this redness will disappear completely afterwards with the application of corticoid and moisturizing cream if necessary.

In the area of the manual FUE harvest, the small crusts that may have formed will disappear much more quickly (in about 4 days).

In the case of a FUT sample, as with a hair transplant, the absorbable threads will dissolve on their own.

The implanted graft is still alive and therefore grows immediately, but if you observe that the hair falls out (it can fall with the small crust to which it adheres or even later, up to a month later); then it will need (as with hair transplants) the time necessary to reproduce its anagen cycle, i.e. about 4 months.

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