Implantation of artificial hair perfectly adapted to your hair

Immediate results

If you want immediate results without having to wait several months before seeing any regrowth, the Biofibre solution is for you. Performed under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis, it consists of inserting artificial hair about 15 to 45 cm long, with a colour that is perfectly identical to the colour of your natural hair and a texture that is also similar to yours (smooth, curly or frizzy).

It guarantees an immediate result and provides real relief both physically and psychologically for you.

Biofibre: Who is it for?

Biofibre technology is for any man or woman who wants to fill in their androgenetic or scarring baldness in a natural, non-invasive and immediate way. However, Biofibre cosmetic surgery requires some contraindications.

They corroborate the fact that no treatment can be administered to you if you have any form of allergy or disease that could jeopardize the final appearance of your hair.

A good state of health

First of all, you must be in good general and hair health. Your hair should be used to being washed regularly and should have good general hygiene.
No sensitization to the tolerance test should be detected to ensure that you will not develop any allergies once the treatment has started or during post-implantation applications.

You will have to agree with the post-implantation protocol and accept the conditions of use of the Biofibre products with which you will perform your hair care in the days following implantation.

Finally, you will have to agree to undergo small periodic interventions in order to maintain a beautiful aesthetic aspect and optimal conditions for the treatment of your artificial and natural hair once implanted.

The implantation procedure

The Biofibre technology consists in the implantation of artificial hair perfectly adapted to your natural hair (in terms of colour or texture) in areas where there is no hair due to the anti-aesthetic effects of androgenetic or scarring baldness. The procedure is performed only by specialized and qualified Biofibre practitioners. Using the Biofibre device and specially designed implantation instruments, the specialists hook a reversible knot under the already anesthetized scalp, in a painless and non-traumatic manner for your skin.

The operation is repeated until an optimal result is achieved, covering the entire area to be treated.

In order to obtain good results and sufficient hair density, it is advisable to implant between 800 and 1500 Biofibre hairs per session.
 If your hair loss is significant, several implant sessions will be recommended to increase your hair volume in a sustainable manner. In this case, after the first implantation session, wait approximately one to two weeks to renew the implants in the other areas to be treated. If a second implantation session is required in the same area as the one already treated in session 1, in this case, wait approximately 3 to 4 weeks. After the implantation session, you will have time to resume your daily activities.

One year after the operation, a check-up will be carried out to analyse the results obtained and to consider small local implantation operations if necessary.

The care to be carried out after treatment

The most important thing to ensure a good overall appearance of your hair and beautiful results in the long term is to take good care of your hair on a daily basis. The scalp (also known as the epidermis) is an area of high blood circulation. This same area also produces a naturally greasy substance called sebum. Sebum is a protective barrier used to maintain the strength and shine off your hair and to protect it from external aggressions such as bad weather, sun, UV rays, snow, sweat, etc.

The first care to be taken is also the simplest and most basic: (washing your hair in order to eliminate the excess sweat and sebum on your roots and ends. Without washing them excessively or brutally, you must adopt a natural and non-aggressive attitude.

To do this, it is advisable to use a shampoo specially designed for delicate hair.

  • Following a shampoo every two days or so, you can make sure to comb your hair in the direction of the implanted hair with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Start by brushing the ends and move gently towards the roots.
After swimming in the sea or pool, simply rinse your hair with fresh water and apply the specified shampoo.
  • The same goes for your exit from the spa or jacuzzi. In a sauna, it is recommended that you wear a clean, slightly wet towel to avoid damaging your hair.

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A controlled intervention

Biofibre’s quality and safety standards are very high. While customer satisfaction statistics reach 90%, the percentage of post-intervention inflammatory reactions is considerably low (less than 5%). Each artificial hair implant has been tested and controlled and guarantees a high resistance to physical, psychic, chemical and mechanical stress. The final result and the aesthetic duration of the products are exceptionally long.

Each hair has a very low rate of reaction to foreign bodies, since all the analyses carried out on the patient beforehand make it possible to detect all types of possible intolerances.
At any time, after an implant has been placed, it can be removed in case of doubt or problem thanks to a “restitutio ad integrum” of the scalp, leaving room for any other surgical or medical intervention. The Biofibre reversible knot is also designed to be changed or removed from the scalp while leaving a very low rate of scarring (only 1-2% of cases).

The technicality brought by qualified and specialized doctors allows the protocols to be used only in excellent conditions, with patients ready to undergo all the effects of the different tools and treatments used. Everything is meticulously controlled at each stage of the aesthetic procedure to make hair implantation a total success.


Below are examples of results that can be achieved with Automatic Biofibre® Hair Implant.

This is the exclusive procedure for automated implantation of Artificial Hair.

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